The First One


Hi, hello, welcome to this little space that I like to think of as my living room; come here when you are happy, come here when you are sad, come here when you’re just bored. Just make sure to come back. See, I’ve been putting off writing this first entry for a while. Sitting down this morning trying to finally bust this out took two pots of coffee, eight alarms on my phone, and a twenty minute debate concerning whether Friends or Seinfeld should be on in the background. I’m halfway into easing into adulthood and I can’t decide whether home is the bedroom above my parent’s garage in the suburbs or if it’s the big, white house down the street from the graveyard in the city. I am twenty-two years old and I already can’t trust myself to know if I’m in love or not because I convince myself that every pair of eyes that notice me must be the pair for me. Basically, I have an identity crisis approximately once every half hour, which is what has made writing this so difficult to do. Just like my actual living room, you’re going to stroll through here, look at the walls and wonder the thought process behind the ‘tacky’ decor and the colour of my couch. You’ll probably flip through my books and wonder how they could transform into hours well-spent. In light of all this, I changed, rearranged, and then re-changed everything about this blog space a thousand times. And then I deleted it all. See, what you’re going to learn here is that I struggle between wanting to be bold and wanting to be minimalistic – this website deeply reflects that – but fuck* that, I’m working on it. I guess the loose and wandering point of this post was just to say thank you for sticking it for for the first four hundred and some odd words, hopefully we can do this again sometime. And hopefully there will be more of a point, but we all have to start somewhere.





*all of the blogging-tip articles I read told me to maintain clean professional language, but fuck it, the GoDaddy account is linked to my credit card soooOoooOooOooOooo

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